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Everyone have just one oportunity for enjoy the moment, Let's Ride together.

Maule Mountains

Let me know your IDEA for visit to Chile, and We going to create the BEST pack for you and your friends

Our main destinations

Cascada invertida Maule

The Maule Mountains

Only 3 hours from the airport of Santiago, by a good highway we will arrive to the heart of the chilean mountain, with amazing trails, with beautiful places and everything very nature, without big change by the human.

2 - 5 days

Medium to high skill on the bike

All the climbs are by bicycle or on foot


From the Mountain to Sea

We will start in the mountain and end in the sea... Is a unique experience, we will visit a lot of different trails, and we will know more about the life in Chile.

3 - 7 days

Medium to high skill  on the bike

The climbs will be by bicycle or pickup truck

Camino Pehuenche Maule
Bike Trip Nevados de Chillan

BikePark Trip

Full Downhill experience, We will visit all the bikeparks in the center of Chile...

3 - 7 days

Medium to High skill on the bike

Only with full face helmet

The climbs will be in Lift or Pick up Truck

Canada Experience

Live with us the best trip of your life...

2 to 4 weeks in Canada, just for ride in your bike.

Months available each year: June, July and Agoust.

Travel from Chile or Mexico, to Vancouver - Canada

Medium to High Skill level on the bike

Canada Experience

Alfonso Gamboa

Our principal guide

He studied in the Chilean navy academy "Arturo Prat" graduated as an Naval Officer.
Alfonso is a extreme sport lover, he has ridden Downhill bikes since 2009 and Now he practi-
ses Enduro and Triathlon too, So he knows a lot of different disciplines.

He has courses certificated in First Aid and mountain Rescue.

Desarrollo Profesional Armada de Chile

All our Tours include:

- Transport between Airport of Santiago to our destiny 

- Transport for our activities

- Beauty and comfotable Accomodations 

- Tickets for use the lifts or other services in the parks

- Delicious and healthy food

- Good Beers after ride

- Mechanic support

- Others...

Contact us

We are waiting for you, let's go! 

Sent us an email to 

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