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Your podium our Goal


EXT Racing shox designs and manufactures to be number one.


"There's no denying the fact that the Storia Lok is a specialty item, designed for riders who want to eke the most performance possible out of their bike. It's a luxury, not an absolute necessity, but the Storia does deliver a very high level of custom-tuned performance. " Pinkbike, Mike Kazimer

Extreme Racing Shox, suspension for over 55 years

The EXT brand, short for Extreme Racing Shox, was born in Italy by the will of Ing. Franco Fratton who, after a long experience at FOX, decided to create his own line of suspensions.

EXT has always stood out for its state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions. There are many innovations that EXT introduced to the suspension world such as HBS (Hydraulic Bump Stop Control) in 1994 and they were the first to introduce Triple Tube technology to a racing car in 1996.




After countless victories in various disciplines of motorsports, including rally, ATV and Formula 1, in 2014 EXT decided to enter the mountain bike suspension sector, exploiting an idea born from the mind of Eng. Fratton and Dave Garland, a former mechanic from Danny Hart and Technical Lead for the Giant Factory Off Road Team.

Today's mtb suspensions are practically the same size as an F1 suspension from the past and this has benefited EXT, thanks to its experience in the sector. Being able to exploit all the technologies of this segment, EXT created in 2014 its first spring shock absorber for mtb based on the project of a suspension of an LMP (Le Mans Prototype).

The first EXT shock absorber for mountain bikes was already equipped with innovative solutions, such as the use of "windows" instead of shims and a particular valve called a "spool".

Successes in the competitive sector were not long in coming, in 2016 Louise Pauline and Vittorio Gambirasio took the podium of the Superenduro and in 2017 there was also a victory in the Italian DH championship, all of them with EXT suspension.


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